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Residential Waste Collection
The collection of residential trash, basic household waste collected within a single family residence that includes paper, cardboard's, cartons. {6 to 8 - 13 gallon bag limit per week} or ( 4 Large 45 gallon bags per week }. Senior discount available { 4 - 13 gallon bags per week} or { 1 Large 45 gallon bag per week }. Bagging of waste isn't required as long as it's contained in trash containers,  preferably tipper style baskets.


2-Yard Rear Load Dumpster

These dumpsters are designed to handle up to 400 pds. of waste, no more. To be used only for

{COMPACTABLE WASTE}. No metals, bricks, large amounts of construction waste, Roofing, wet Paint, Flamables, Motor Oils, Large Timbers, Rocks, Tires including lawn mower or ATV tires, Electronics, TV's, Computers, Items considered Non-Compactable as listed above must use a larger style Roll-Off Container. Items not suitable to go into a regular trash compactor will be set to the side and not taken.

Payment of Service
Payment required on the day service starts. No Exceptions! Payment must be received when due prior to the next weeks pickup or service will stop. Call for special arraignments if needed.

Picked up during regular waste collection. Have a container available with recyclables in it and they must be bagged. Small metal, tubing, pip, scrap wire, tin cans, Aluminum cans, and scrap metal siding and more. Please call for further information.

Larger recyclables {white goods}
Special collection of larger appliances including refrigerators, stoves, hot water heaters, heaters and furnace's, grills, excluding TV's, Computers, Monitors, and electronics.

Bulk waste
Larger amounts of bulk waste include building scraps, roofing, wood, siding, old furniture, larger bags of waste.
TIRES are not items that are disposed of at the landfill. Tires can be collected with an additional fee based on the amount of tires and size. Tires can be excepted and disposed of at a Recycling facility for a fee. Large old TV's and Electronics can not be disposed of at the Landfill. These items can be collected and taken to a Electronics recycling facility. A handling and transport fee will be charged. You will need to call for an estimate and special pickup arraignments and pricing.

Items I can not pickup
Disposal of special waste include, but not limited to Solvents, Fuels, Oils, Paints, Cleaning Agents, Heavy Metals, Prescription Drugs, Explosives, Incendiaries, Refrigerants, Infectious waste, Tires,  and any materials prohibited by law.

Blowing & Littering
I assume no responsibility for acts of God causing spillage or blowing of litter unrelated to the performance of my duties as a solid waste collector.
I shall be responsible for any spilling and blowing of litter resulting from or directly to the performance of my duties picking up and collecting of your waste.